LUCKY BASTARD—the NC-17 found-footage porn thriller

Lucky Bastard Extras Only

If you bought the theatrical film and now want to get the extras only—the library of trailers and filmmaker commentary—here's how.

  • Lucky Bastard Deluxe Edition

    This package includes the NC-17 theatrical film plus unrated bonus features: a library of trailers and a download of the movie with audio commentary by filmmakers Robert Nathan and Lukas Kendall.

  • Lucky Bastard Theatrical Film

    This is the NC-17-rated theatrical cut of Lucky Bastard, as seen in movie theaters.

When the adult website LUCKY BASTARD runs a contest giving the winner a night with a famous porn star, the outcome turns from fantasy to horror in a deadly nightmare no one could possibly have expected. Rated NC-17 for explicit sexual content. Visit for more information.